Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Backyard Ballistics

DON'T BE AFRAID OF THIS TITLE!! Backyard Ballistics is a wonderful introduction to both history and physics. Written by a professional engineer, the book gives detailed intructions on how each device works and why. He also explains the use of each device through engagingly written historical anecdotes. This book is for any kid who said "what's the use of learning this?" while doing his science homework. I gave copies to both my nephew (age nine) and my father (age 52) for Christmas and I would be hard pressed to say who enjoyed it more! The author, William Gurstelle, takes great care to explain safety and common sense. The projects are all well tested and as safe as they can be given the topic. If you know a budding physicist (or military expert!) this book will be an absolute hit!! -Rhiannon

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