Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hiding Edith by Kathy Kacer

This is the true story of a young Jewish girl's life during the Second World War and how she remained hidden from the Nazi's. Edith Schwalb was one of the lucky children that was helped by the Jewish Scouts of France to remain hidden in a large house in the tiny village of Moissac and then later in other parts of the country. Wonderfully written in a child friendly style that makes it easily accessible for grades 4 and up. An asset to any collection. Nominated for the Ontario 2006 Silver Birch award.

I had the amazing opportunity to meet the subject of this book, Edith Gelbard. I worked with the Durham West Arts Center to arrange for Ms. Gelbard to visit one of the local schools in my library district. She was a wonderful speaker. She interacted with the children easily and was so cheerful and vibrant. There were over 200 kids that attended but they were all entranced by Edith and afterwards crowded in line for the chance to speak with her and get her autography. ~Beag

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