Saturday, August 02, 2014

Dare the Wind by Tracey Fern

Dare the Wind is a picture book biography about Ellen Prentiss Creesy, a 19th c.female sailor and navigator. I picked this book up to see the illustrations by Emily Arnold McCully and to have my daughters read an inspiring biography. I didn't realize that Ellen Prentiss Creesy was from my hometown of Marblehead. Dare the Wind is an inspiring tale of a woman who learned to navigate from her sea captain father. After marriage to Perkins Creesy, she was the navigator on their clipper ship, the Flying Cloud. They made many voyages around Cape Horn to deliver goods and passengers to San Francisco. In the process, Ellen's ship set the world record of eighty-nine days. Her legacy lasted for years, until the advent of the steam ship.
This is a relatively easy read for the 4-8 crowd, with lovely watercolor illustrations that depict a slice of history that's not known to many. In the back is an Author's Note for older children and parents who may want to know more about Ellen Prentiss Creesy and clipper ships in general.

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