Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ancient Egypt (Eyewitness Books)


Mummies, pyramids and pharaohs capture the imagination when learning about ancient Egyptian civilization.  The Eyewitness series on Ancient Egypt stands out for encompassing a wide array of customs, art and cultural practices without abbreviating content.  This books is a great intro for kids, but will likely be read again and again.


Crafts from the Past: The Egyptians by Gillian Chapman

Who was King Tut? By Roberta Edwards

I Wonder why the Pyramids were Built and Other Questions about Ancient Egypt by Philip Steele


Egyptian Gods & Mythology by Rocket Splash Games – This app summarizes ancient Egyptian gods and myths in a simple, readable format.

Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead by the British Museum – Developed for the 2010-11 exhibition “Journey through the Afterlife,” this app is educational and entertaining.


The Egyptian collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Google Maps 360 degrees views of Egyptian Highlights

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