Monday, September 08, 2014

Edward Hopper Paints His World by Robert Burleigh

Edward Hopper has always been one of my favorites, with his stark yet warm landscapes and city scenes. When I think of New England houses, I think of Hopper. So I was pleased to pick up this biography of Edward Hopper written for children. Wendell Minor's clean gouache illustrations are a good match for evoking Hopper's world. His illustrations show Hopper as he is imagined working on and (in some cases) entering into places that are featured in his art. We get to see him as a young boy in upstate New York, as a student in New York and Paris and finally, in New England painting those iconic white houses by the sea. While the book doesn't go into great depth regarding his technique or professional experiences, it does give the reader a good overall view. Hopper is shown as a bit of a loner who wanted to express his outlook in the landscapes he painted. It also shows children that Hopper's path took some courage in that he didn't achieve recognition for many years. For further reading, children can use the reference page in the back of the book.

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